LNC Technology Platform

Lipid Nano-Crystal (LNC) Delivery Platform  

Matinas BioPharma's differentiated lipid nano-crystal (LNC) intracellular drug delivery platform is a natural, nontoxic and highly efficient formulation that has the potential to address delivery challenges associated with a broad range of therapeutic interventions, including small molecules, nucleic acid polymers, proteins, peptides, vaccines, as well as the targeted delivery of gene editing technologies.  The LNC platform delivers therapeutic drug candidates intracellularly in a non-destructive manner, leveraging naturally activated target cells including, for example, those of the immune system or virally infected cells. It is able to deliver small and large molecules orally and has the additional flexibility to deliver drugs via multiple routes of administration, including IV. 

LNCs can be utilized to reformulate efficacious but inconvenient IV administered drugs as oral agents or can be used to improve the safety profile of drugs that cause excessive extracellular toxicity. The LNC platform also has the potential to deliver genetic information in an efficient and non-toxic manner. The manufacturing process for the technology is consistent and scalable with 90% encapsulation efficiency.  Matinas owns and operates a GMP manufacturing facility and can supply clinical material to support all phases of development.

LNC Particles

  • Highly stable lipid nano-crystal particles
  • Layered sheet design provides protection to drug cargo from harsh environmental conditions or enzymes
  • Clinically validated in multiple preclinical and clinical studies across the broad range of therapeutic interventions

Ability to Deliver a Broad Range of Molecules

  • Small molecules
  • Nucleic acid polymers
  • Proteins
  • Peptides
  • Vaccines
  • Gene editing technologies